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Factory direct hours are 8am to 12 noon Monday to Friday. Afternoons our factory can be closed to enable us to do our deliveries so we suggest phoning us beforehand to avoid missing us if we are not in. Australia wide delivery service is available*

Personal // 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid Baby Powder Frag

Aurora cleaning hand sanitiser liquid instantly kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Apply a small amount to the hands, rub all over and allow to dry. Manufactured to World Health Organisation standard. Ingredients: 75% hospital grade isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, glycerol, fragrance and hydrogen peroxide.
500ml Trigger Pack
Price $10.00
Price $80.00
Massage Oil Fragrance Free
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Moisturising Liquid Soap Antibacterial
Moisturising Liquid Soap Antibacterial
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80% Ethanol Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel In Stock
80% Ethanol Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel In Stock
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For orders over $150 to most of Melbourne Metro and some of the Mornington Peninsula.
A small fee may apply for orders under $150 and for outer metro, interstate and country areas.
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